Generator & Auxiliary Maintenance

The Generator & Auxiliary MaintenanceDivision carries out scheduled maintenance and calibration of Generator auxiliaries whether “Essential” – like water pump, fuel pump, lube oil pump etc. or “Non-Essential” auxiliaries like anti condensation heaters, jacket water heaters etc.

Health Check programs

As per the Cummins guidelines, health check programs are carried out to check peak cylinder pressure, oil consumption, exhaust gas analysis to provide remedial measures if any on the engine and thereafter issue ‘fit for purpose usage’certificates.

Annual Maintenance Contracts

Customised annual maintenance contracts can be catered to any customer.Standard programs include scheduled periodic checks with and without parts depending upon customer’s needs.

Component Servicing

Components that range fromexhaust valves to crankshafts having more than one service life are serviced.

Injector and Fuel pump calibration work

In-house periodic calibration of injector and pump to ensure smooth spray at desired pressure to create the perfect burn times.

Breakdown Service

Field service is extremely demanding in the Sultanate due to its spread of geographic area and the varying terrain. We provide onsite breakdown service that covers minor to major service of the engine and genset.

Minor and Major Overhauls

Top end overhauls most commonly called as minor overhauls, major overhauls of the engines and alternators are done in the controlled environment of the workshop.New parts are used as per the requirement and replaced parts are returned to the client. ‘Minimum time to overhaul’is our goal.


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