New Independent Water Project in Sharqiyah region


Bahwan Engineering Group has announced that their consortium with lead developer JGC Corporation, Japan has received an order from Oman Power and Water Procurement Company SAOC to build, own and operate a seawater desalination plant in eastern Oman.

The contract involves design, construction, operation and maintenance of a seawater reverse osmosis membrane facility to supply 80,000 cubic meters per day potable water for 20 years. The produce from the plant shall cater to the requirements of a population of approximately 200,000 in the Sharqiyah region. The consortium’s project company Al Asilah Desalination Company SAOC is scheduled to commence service in April, 2021.

A group of international banks have agreed to part finance around USD 180 Million investment under a project finance agreement supported by Overseas Untied Loan Insurance cover from Nippon Export and Investment Insurance, Japan.

The engineering, procurement and construction work for the project shall be executed by the South Korean firm Doosan Heavy Industries and Construction Co. Limited. They have been one of the leaders in Reverse Osmosis Membrane seawater desalination technology with successful track record in the Middle East and various other parts of the world.

The consortium has recently signed an EPC contract with Doosan in JGC’s Yokohama headquarters. The signing ceremony was attended by senior executives from the consortium members and the EPC contractor. A few days earlier, an agreement has been inked with the team of lenders. The construction of the plant has commenced as per schedule.